The DurianBB craze came to Singapore in July and found a new durian champion! Other than wiping out 4 tons of durians in just two days, Singapore has set new bars for the other cities….

Over two days from 14th to 15th July, the DurianBB Team spoiled the Singaporeans silly with fresh durians delivered directly from its own farm in Raub, Pahang. The day started with meticulous preparations, from laying out the signature Durian Tasting Platters in glorious array to setting tables DurianBB style.

As over 500 durian lovers flowed into Agrobazaar and headed straight to their assigned seats, each of them was served the signature Durian Tasting Platter to experience first hand the many complexities and nuances in different durian cultivars. Once our guests find their favorites, they guests dug into the durian pulps and chose from different cultivars to indulge in while learning about different fruit shapes and characteristics.

I can almost smell that…

Note how different every fruit is and how easily recognizable they actually are? From the color, size and shape of the spikes, a durian expert can differentiate one from the other. And you could be one of those durian pros too!

The biggest highlight for the party is the discovery of the new durian champion! Joshua Tan from Singapore single-handedly wiped out 200 durian pulps and broke DurianBB’s record.

Joshua Tan from Singapore more than doubled the record from Hong Kong and is now officially the best in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau and some say Batam!

Can’t wait to get your hands on free-flow durians? I guess you will just have to join us the next time! Stay tuned on our Facebook page here for more updates.


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