牛来运转 金银满屋 St Sebastian MSW Burnt Cheesecake


For the year of Ox, DurianBB is inspired by the longing for a brand new year, and the new hopes it brings. The theme this year “牛来运转“ simply translates to – May your luck improve with the coming of Ox; whereas “金银满屋” refers to the host of riches in gold and silver that will fill your home.

Presenting to you our CNY 2021 Collection, DurianBB wishes you a year filled with prosperity, wealth and good fortune!

Pre Order the collection at 10% discount. Promo ends 22 January 2021.
Delivery and/or Self Collection period is between 2nd to 28th February 2021.

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牛来运转 金银满屋 St Sebastian MSW Burnt Cheesecake

Inspired by a Spanish dessert, DurianBB takes on a Maoshan Wang twist, perfectly blending the flavors and aromas of durian and cheese. Cheesecake meets Maoshan Wang, then baked to a char and glazed with cream for a tantalizing glow.

Cheesecake meets MSW

Baked to a char and caramelized for a tantalizing glow.

Exclusive for CNY Edition

Cheesecake will be topped with dark chocolate coated in edible gold dust.

Authenticity in every velvety pull.

Blended with cheese for a richer-than-ever taste, achieving a custard-like creamy texture.

Lemon zest for a citrusy, quenching delight.

100% Genuine Mao Shan Wang
100% 真老树猫山王果肉

Topped with decadent white chocolate and fresh strawberries for a refreshing bite.

Caramelized top; Custardy center.

Firm yet soft.
Indulgent yet refreshing.

Relish in lush mouthfuls of pure heaven

Note: Keep refrigerated at 0° to 4°C | Best consumed within 2 to 3 hours upon serving/delivery

Durian Tiramisu

Coffee, Matcha