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D24 XO Tan Sri XO


Tan Sri XO has always been our most sought after cultivar, year after year.

From the 40-year old trees in our own plantation in Raub, this is a DurianBB Signature Durian.

These premium fruitlets have been handpicked during the latest durian season and blast frozen by our state-of-the-art equipment, sealing all the goodness within.

They have been thawed to perfection before delivering to you so you can enjoy them right away. 

Pre-packed in 400g individual boxes for your convenience.

Islandwide delivery at $10. Free Delivery with a $60 purchase. While Stocks Last!

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D24 Tan Sri XO

Our very own DurianBB Tan Sri XO has a story to tell. Behind that pale pulp triggers a memory from decades ago when the wholesome yeasty sweetness brings a Tan Sri pure joy.

This, a connoisseur’s favorite.

Weight 0.4 kg

1 Box $30, 2 Boxes $59, 3 Boxes $79 (BEST DEAL)