DurianBB Party 榴莲宝宝自助大餐


The Happiest ALL YOU CAN EAT Durian Party is back in town! 

新加坡最夯的榴莲自助大餐 Durian buffet 强势回归!

Enjoy a guided tasting session for our Signature Tasting Platter, which includes 5-6 different cultivars of Malaysian durians, namely Old Tree Mao Shan Wang, Tan Sri XO, Tekka and 2-3 other selected cultivars of the day, followed by our renowned ALL YOU CAN EAT Session that has taken multiple cities by storm all over Asia.

In addition to this unforgettable gastronomic experience, Dato Paul (Founding President of Malaysian Durian Exporter Association) will be sharing all the fun facts you will ever need to know about the King of Fruits.

You will get a notification after payment confirmation and this will be used as your admission proof for the party. Please ignore Delivery Option and Choose “Any Date And Time” to Proceed.

Bundle Price

Ticket Quantity Bundle Price
1 $88
2 $148 (Save $28)
3 $208 (Save $56)
4 $248 (Save $104)
5 $298 (Save $142)


来自马来西亚的榴莲商会创始主席,Dato Paul将作为活动主持人,由他的带领下一一探究与了解每种榴莲的口感与层次! 除此以外在榴莲农业拥有接近45年专业经验的他将会与你分享关于榴莲的一切知识,这将会是一个好吃又好玩的活动。

品尝榴莲宝宝独创的榴莲品鉴盘,一共有多达5-6种马来西亚名种榴莲让你一一品尝其中包括了老树猫山王,丹斯里XO D24, 竹脚以及另外两种时令榴莲;接下来的60分钟就是放飞自我体验榴莲自由的时刻啦! 轻轻挥动你的小旗帜,热情洋溢的服务员马上给你送上齿甲流香的榴莲! 无限量供应就是要喂饱你的五脏庙!



数量 套价
1 $88
2 $148 (节省 $28)
3 $208 (节省 $56)
4 $248 (节省 $104)
5 $298 (节省 $142)


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The Happiest ALL YOU CAN EAT Durian Party is back in town!
新加坡最夯的榴莲自助大餐 Durian buffet 强势回归!

What to Expect
90 分钟的 Free Flow Durian Buffet 榴莲自助大餐

Dato Paul
Dato Paul
Dato Paul, DurianBB’s Chief Durian Geek and Founding President of the Durian Exporter Association of Malaysia, will host and share tons of interesting facts about Durian with you. An incredible crash course on everything you need to know about Durian.

DurianBB的联合创始人也是马来西亚榴莲榴莲商会创始主席Dato Paul将会与你分享关于榴莲的一切知识,这将会是一场好吃又好玩的活动!

Durian Introduction & Tasting (30 min)

品尝榴莲宝宝独创的榴莲品鉴盘,一共有多达5种马来西亚名种榴莲让你一一品尝 (30 min)

All You Can Eat Session (60 min)

无限量供应你最喜爱的D78甜姐儿,D24丹斯里XO和D197猫山王 (60 min)


DurianBB Singapore

462 Crawford Ln, #01-65, Singapore 190462


Q. What do I need to bring along for entry?
A. Upon receiving your full payment, an email with the Order Details will be sent to you.
Please provide a printed or soft copy of your email as admission verification.

Q. 进门时需要带什么东西?
A. 收到您的全额付款后,将向您发送一封包含订单详情的电子邮件。


Q. Can I bring a friend/family member?
A. All participants attending the event are subject to ticket purchase due to limited seats.

Q. 我可以带朋友/家人吗?
A. 由于座位有限,所有参加活动的参与者都必须购买门票。


Q: If I buy several tickets separately in MORE THAN ONE transaction order, can we all sit together?
A: We would try our best to arrange seating according to the purchaser record. However, different purchase orders might not guarantee you will be seated together with your friends who purchase tickets separately.

A: 我们会尽量根据采购人记录安排座位。但是,不同的购买订单可能无法保证您与分开购票的朋友坐在一起。


Q. Can I choose the seat?
A. We will arrange seating for all participants strictly adhering to the Dine In SOP required by the government and therefore seating will be prearranged.

Q. 我可以选择座位吗?
A. 我们将严格遵守政府规定的 Dine In SOP 为所有参与者安排座位,因此将预先安排座位。


Q. If I bought 2 different type of tickets in the same session, can we sit together?
A. Seating arrangement is based on the different types of tickets.

Q. 如果我在同一时段购买了 2 张不同类型的门票,我们可以坐在一起吗?
A. 座位安排根据不同类型的门票而定。


Q. Can I take away any Durian? 
A. This is an All You Can Eat event for Dine In only.



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