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King-on-King Burnt Cheesecake

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Highly intuitive and responsive to the desires of the consumer in Singapore, DurianBB has conceived an exceptional dessert menu comprising of popular Western pastries, gelato and local favourites, all made with the best quality of Maoshan Wang durian that Malaysia has to offer.

Available for both dine-in and delivery. Same day delivery for orders received before 3PM.

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Level Up Your Musang King a.k.a. Maoshan Wang Experience

DurianBB’s best-selling MSW Burnt Cheesecake, now topped with 250g of Premium Maoshan Wang pulps.
Crafted for the maximum impact for the most momentous occasion! 

King on King — The Story

Just a couple of years ago, DurianBB had the honour to consult a 3-star Michelin chef on durian gourmet, and it was then we created the first Musang King Burnt Cheesecake.

When the first batch of cheesecakes were fresh out of the oven, we invited a durian connoisseur – King Sir, to taste this creation.

King Sir took his first bite, kept mum and closed his eyes (we panicked again!), then said, “I did not expect the combination of Musang King and burnt cheesecake to blend so perfectly! The rich Musang King aroma, paired with savoury and burnt flavours from the cheesecake, is truly a match made in heaven!” He continued, “But I have another suggestion! I am after all, a durian lover. If you can serve this dessert together with fresh Musang King in a dish, that will be PERFECT. I would still love to experience that lingering bittersweet aftertaste on my palette.”

We took on King Sir’s advice and went ahead to create the “King On King”!

If you are a durian fanatic, you surely do not want to miss this “PERFECT match”!

Level Up Your Musang King a.k.a. Maoshan Wang Experience

Inspired by a Spanish dessert, DurianBB takes on a Maoshan Wang twist, perfectly blending the flavors and aromas of durian and cheese.

Cheesecake meets MSW

Baked to a char and caramelized for a tantalizing glow.

Authenticity in every velvety pull.

Blended with cheese for a richer-than-ever taste, achieving a custard-like creamy texture.

Lemon zest for a citrusy, quenching delight.

100% Genuine Mao Shan Wang
100% 真老树猫山王果肉

Topped with decadent white chocolate and fresh strawberries for a refreshing bite.

Caramelized top; Custardy center.

Firm yet soft.
Indulgent yet refreshing.

Relish in lush mouthfuls of pure heaven

Note: Keep refrigerated at 0° to 4°C | Best consumed within 2 to 3 hours upon serving/delivery