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MSW Double Fromage Cheesecake (Whole)


Highly intuitive and responsive to the desires of the consumer in Singapore, DurianBB has conceived an exceptional dessert menu comprising of popular Western pastries, gelato and local favourites, all made with the best quality of Maoshan Wang durian that Malaysia has to offer.

Available for both dine-in and delivery. Orders placed for delivery will be delivered within three (3) days unless notified otherwise.

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Cheese Lover

Using genuine Maoshan Wang flesh and premium cheeses, the Mao Shan Wang Double Fromage Cheesecake features a richly baked durian cheesecake, topped with a generous layer of blend between Mao Shan Wang and mascarpone cheese. Soft and light, for a delightful tea time.

Combining two loves in one dish: Baked & No-Bake. Crumbilicious and silky smooth in a single bite.


Taste the velvet in a pasty Mao Shan Wang and Mascarpone cheese blend


Topped off with a layer of vanilla sponge cake crumbs.

Crumbly and aromatic like no other cheesecake you’ll ever know.

Made from the absolute Real Deal.

100% Genuine Mao Shan Wang
100% 真老树猫山王果肉

Topped with decadent white chocolate and fresh strawberries for a refreshing bite.

The Best of Both Worlds.

Cheese lovers say “C.H.E.E.S.E.”

Note: Keep refrigerated at 0° to 4°C | Best consumed within 2 to 3 hours upon serving/delivery