MSW New York Cheesecake (Whole)


Highly intuitive and responsive to the desires of the consumer in Singapore, DurianBB has conceived an exceptional dessert menu comprising of popular Western pastries, gelato and local favourites, all made with the best quality of Maoshan Wang durian that Malaysia has to offer.

Available for both dine-in and delivery. Orders placed for delivery will be delivered within three (3) days unless notified otherwise.

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Love From New York

This classic cheesecake is given a new durian take while upholding a rich, custardy texture.

Cheese, Durian and Crumbs –

Tying the holy trinity into a perfect slice of heaven.

Based atop a layer of fragrant crumbs lies a perfect blend between durian and Muller European cheese.

Finished with sugar glaze for a gorgeous sheen.

Boosted by a trickle of orange zest, the palate is elevated with a hint of tang on top of a rich durian aroma.

Crunchy crumbs from digestive biscuits for a contrasting bite.

100% Genuine Mao Shan Wang
100% 真老树猫山王果肉

Served with berries and white chocolate for a bright accent on your creamy indulgence.

Note: Keep refrigerated at 0° to 4°C | Best consumed within 2 to 3 hours upon serving/delivery