D24 Tan Sri XO (400g)


Freshly vacuum-packed, these D24 Tan Sri XO durians are selected from the best yields from our very own farm in Raub, Pahang. Adhering to the highest hygiene standards, these beautiful pulps are packed and delivered to your doorstep. Pre-packed in 400g individual boxes for your convenience.


Tan Sri XO Durian

Our very own DurianBB D24 Tan Sri XO has that pale pulp that brings you the wholesome yeasty sweetness that managed to once brings a Tan Sri pure joy.

D24 Tan Sri XO
3 packs of D24 Tan Sri XO Durian packed for delivery in Kuala Lumpur
Each box contains 400g of pulps. The top seal design effectively prevents any odor from escaping.
D24 Tan Sri XO Durian


What is Tan Sri XO?

Tan Sri XO durian is prized for its rich, creamy flesh that’s sweet in flavour with an alcohol aftertaste. The Tan Sri XO is a must-try for those who love their durians to be strong and bitter.

Is Tan Sri XO same as D24?

The Tan Sri XO belongs to the D24 family, too. But its quality is even more premium than most conventional D24 durians because these trees are cultivated on farms high in altitude in Pahang, with well-drained soil; This produces fruit with stronger aromatic qualities that you won’t find anywhere else!

Is Tan Sri XO bitter?

As its name implies, you can taste a hint of alcohol in an XO durian because of the extended fermentation of the flesh inside the husk. The resulting flesh is bittersweet with an appealing sweetness at every bite! 

When is the XO durian season?

The XO durian season typically occurs between July and September, although there is a “minor season” between the months of December and February. 

The coveted Tan Sri XO durian is available year-round at DurianBB. Although durian supplies are limited, DurianBB is committed to offering the finest XO durians to its customer throughout the year. So don’t wait – order your Tan Sri XO durians today!

Is XO Durian halal?

The name “XO” is derived from the fact that it tastes similar to alcohol, but be assured that there is no alcohol content in the fruit. XO durian has a unique, distinct alcoholic taste similar to cognac or brandy due to extended flesh fermentation inside the husk. Once you’ve taken a bite, you’ll understand why durian sellers and lovers have given it the name XO.