DurianBB Party @ Agrobazaar July 2018

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The Greatest Durian Party is back!

The last Singapore party wiped out 1.8 ton of durians…
And yes, we are back with more.

If you’ve missed the April party, you now have a chance to come to take part in the glorious durian bonanza in Singapore. This all-you-can-eat party has been famed throughout Hong Kong & Macau, and has received overwhelming response from ardent fans. With a limit of only 100 pax for each session, you do not want to miss this as bookings are strictly on first-come-first-served basis.

Seats are limited and they are on the first-come-first-served basis. Book fast to avoid disappointment!

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It is the greatest durian party in Singapore! For starters, you will get to enjoy the signature Durian Tasting Platter featuring an array of five different cultivars of Malaysia’s best and freshest durians, including D197 (Musang King), D198 (Golden Phoenix), D13 (Golden Bun), D101 (Red Flesh), and Jiang Hai whereas subsequent free-flow durians include the following three cultivars – D197 (Musang King), D101 (Red Flesh), and D13 (Golden Bun).

This all-you-can-eat event will definitely be an unforgettable experience for all durian fans.

In conjunction with the event, you will not only be able to savor exotic durians but also learn about the history of Malaysian durian, its evolution and how to appreciate this exotic delicacy as you would with caviar, truffles or wine. DurianBB expert will be on-hand to take you on a journey of the wonderful King of Fruits.

Come and enjoy this rare treat. Book today.



14 July 2018
Session 1: 2pm – 4pm (sold out)
Session 2: 5pm – 7pm (sold out)
Session 3: 8pm – 10pm (sold out)

15 July 2018
Session 4: 11am – 1pm (sold out)
Session 5: 2pm – 4pm (sold out)
Session 6: 5pm – 7pm (sold out)

Venue: Agrobazaar, Lot 37–43, Sultan Gate, Singapore 198485

  • Durian Introduction & Appreciation (30 min)
  • Durian Buffet (90 min)


Email: singapore@durianbb.com
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  1. No cancellations, changes or refund will be entertained after reservations. No refund for changes, cancellation or non-arrival after payment.
  2. Adult and children are priced at the same rate. Complimentary for children 3 years old and below.
  3. Seats are arranged by organizer.
  4. Seats are limited and only for those who have reserved. No walk-in shall be entertained.
  5. All participants need to present the Order Details (received via email) as ticket verification before entering the event.
  6. The event will start on time. We suggest participants to arrive 15 minutes earlier at the event venue

Q & A

Q. How to enter the event?
A. Print out a copy of Order Details that was sent via email to you upon receipt of payment. You can use that as ticket verification.

Q. Can I bring along my children who don’t eat durians?
A. All participants attending the event are subject to ticket purchase due to limited seats. Complimentary for children three years old and below.

Q. Can I bring along companions who don’t eat durians?
A. All participants attending the event are subject to ticket purchase due to limited seats.

Q: If I purchase several tickets in ONE transaction order, must I wait for all my friends to arrive first before entering the event place?
A: It is not necessary. Your friends who come later could use the same Order Details that you used to place the order in order to enter the event, and we would guide them accordingly to your seats.

Q: If I buy several tickets separately in MORE THAN ONE transaction order, can I seat together with my friends?
A: We would try our best to arrange the seats according to the purchaser record. However, different purchase orders might not guarantee you will be seated together with your friends who purchase tickets separately.

Q: If I purchase the same session as my friends, can I sit with my friends?
A: Participants are not allowed to change their seats that have been arranged by the organizer.



14 July 2018, 15 July 2018


11am – 1pm, 2pm – 4pm, 5pm – 7pm, 8pm – 10pm



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