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All You Can Eat Durian Party

Dato Paul
Dato Paul
Dato Paul, DurianBB’s Chief Durian Geek and Founding President of the Durian Exporter Association of Malaysia, will host and share tons of interesting facts about Durian with you.
An incredible crash course on everything you need to know about Durian.

Durian Introduction & Tasting (30 min)

All You Can Eat Session (60 min)


DurianBB Singapore

462 Crawford Ln, #01-65, Singapore 190462


Q. What do I need to bring along for entry?
A. Upon receiving your full payment, an email with the Order Details will be sent to you.
Please provide a printed or soft copy of your email as admission verification.


Q. Can I bring a friend/family member?
A. All participants attending the event are subject to ticket purchase due to limited seats.


Q: If I buy several tickets separately in MORE THAN ONE transaction order, can we all sit together?
A: We would try our best to arrange seating according to the purchaser record. However, different purchase orders might not guarantee you will be seated together with your friends who purchase tickets separately.


Q. Can I choose the seat?
A. We will arrange seating for all participants strictly adhering to the Dine In SOP required by the government and therefore seating will be prearranged.


Q. If I bought 2 different type of tickets in the same session, can we sit together?
A. Seating arrangement is based on the different types of tickets.


Q. Can I take away any Durian? 
A. This is an All You Can Eat event for Dine In only.

13-Nov (Sat) 14:00, 13-Nov (Sat) 16:30, 13-Nov (Sat) 19:00, 14-Nov (Sun) 14:00, 14-Nov (Sun) 16:30, 14-Nov (Sun) 19:00, 19-Nov (Fri) 16:30, 19-Nov (Fri) 19:00, 20-Nov (Sat) 14:00, 20-Nov (Sat) 16:30, 20-Nov (Sat) 19:00, 21-Nov (Sun) 14:00, 21-Nov (Sun) 16:30, 21-Nov (Sun) 19:00, 25-Nov (Thu) 16:30, 25-Nov (Thu) 19:00, 26-Nov (Fri) 16:30, 26-Nov (Fri) 19:00, 27-Nov (Sat) 14:00, 27-Nov (Sat) 16:30, 27-Nov (Sat) 19:00, 28-Nov (Sun) 14:00, 28-Nov (Sun) 16:30, 28-Nov (Sun) 19:00


1:All You Can Eat:Tan Sri XO+D78, 2:All You Can Eat:MSW+Tan Sri XO+D78