Musang King Durian Popcorn


Handmade, crispy and addictive!

The Musang King Durian Popcorn is made from non-genetically modified corn from America. Under optimized temperature and moisture levels, the corns are air popped into ball-shaped delights, then coated with a layer of unique powdered flavouring made from genuine Musang King durian, making it the world’s first Musang King Popcorn.

durian popcorn

Crispy & Addictive

Loved By Everyone


Mushroom-shaped Popcorn Coated In Musang King

Enjoy The Burst of Flavours

musang king mao shan wang popcorn snack

Made Only With The Best

Crafted with Non-GMO Corn

Air Popped For A Delicious Crunch

Packaged For Your Convenience

Every Tin Contains 70g of Musang King Popcorn

Store in Cool Place, Away From Sunlight